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TSK Flat Packs Kitchen is entitled to supply wood panels and boards to cater the best quality for our customers to craft their masterpieces of wood, or rather simply get TSK Flat Pack Kitchens to serve your requirements of open-range flat packs, benchtops, cabinets, pantries and other domestic wooden appliances.  Ranging from screws of sizes of millimeters, to as large materials as Melamine and MDF, TSK Flat Packs Kitchen provides a wide range of materials and hardware to choose from, to cater each of the specific requirements of our customers. Listed below are the array of products TSK Flat Packs Kitchen has to offer to its beloved customers; 

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We, at TSK Flat Packs Kitchen, offer a selective variety of wood panels and boards.


As TSK Flat Pack Kitchens, we have yearned to win over the trust and respect of the neighborhood, in crafting and recreating tailor-made cabinets and pantries.


Flat Packs at TSK Flat Packs Kitchen are cut, edged and perfectly portrayed to be assembled with the material and design insisted, both of customer choice.


We offer a classic range of cabinet doors of finest grade to suit all your cabinet fittings and flat pack units.


TSK Flat Packs Kitchen also provides a complete collection of all the hardware and utility equipment.

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